Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Monthly Run Down

My favourite Primark girls 

I have been buying…food, ferry/train/coach tickets, a few basic bits from Primark
I have been eating at… I went to Nandos with my friends from work. It was the first time I'd been and I wasn't too impressed with the food. Mcdonalds breakfasts every Sunday!
I have visited…I only got as far as Eastleigh.. I've just been stuck in Winchester
Best Bargain I got a basic black playsuit from Primark for a fiver, it needs adjusting but I love it. I also got some black pumps reduced to £1 and a tan skinny belt for £1. I also spent £95 on a Reading ticket.. worth every penny!
I have achieved… I had two job interviews and managed to get both of the jobs!
I've been listening to... The HP7 audiobook, Muse, Chew Lips, Little Boots
I've been reading... The audiobook counts, right?
Next month I’m looking forward to… My holiday to the Isle of Wight, going home afterwards, going to see Peter Kay, going to see Russell Howard's Good News, starting my new jobs.
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… Good food and days out on holiday.


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