Friday, 18 March 2011

Leprechauns & Leopard Print

- My housemate works at O'Neills and bought us some St Patrick's Day goodies home so I've ended up with this hat. I went to my 9am lecture this morning and got caught in the rain on the way back, hence the hair! I'm sat on my bed drinking a vanilla cappuccino out of my Cath Kidston mug, debating missing my Greek World lecture. I thought I'd also prove that I'm not one of those moody bloggers that don't/can't/won't smile!
Barry M Mushroom, No7 Spun Sugar and Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner

- Last night I attempted leopard print nails because I'm mourning the loss of my black leopard print peter pan collar dress (you know the one!) which has mysteriously disappeared from my house.. a lot of my stuff has been going missing lately. I think my nails went pretty well for a first attempt and I had a lot of compliments on them in my lecture today!

- Last night my friend told me that Muse are pretty much confirmed as headliners for Reading Festival. Which means that I now have to buy a day ticket so I can see them. No way will I miss it, I've seen them every year since 2006 (and twice last year) so 6 times overall. If I get the job I had the interview for tomorrow then I'll get paid holiday money when I quit Primark which will cover the cost of the ticket. I'm so excited now. I just need to cross my fingers that I get this job/get a ticket when they go on sale on Monday! Is anyone else planning to go to Reading? I've never been to a festival for the weekend but I went to V Festival in 2008, just for the day (to see Muse of course)

- I've been listening to Morrissey for the first time in FOREVER. I forgot how much I love that man. Spookily I got an email this morning saying that he's doing a few shows in theatres this year (un)fortunately he's not doing any round here or near home so I don't feel tempted to buy a ticket. I've seen him twice before and he puts on an amazing show. 

- My giveaway ends today but I'll announce the winner after work tomorrow because I'm going out tonight for a friend's birthday. I can't wait!


  1. naw cute ahah.
    check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  2. as i'm reading this i'm sitting on my bed with a mug after a wet walk home and dreadful hair! ha x loving the hat! x

  3. Ooh your nails are great, I have blue and purple today :)

  4. i really love how you do you nails so jealous lol hehe love the hat and defo cute pic x

  5. Oh I love your nails. I think I need to get Mushroom, I keep seeing it everywhere and thinking it's lovely.

  6. awesome nails!


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