Saturday, 19 March 2011

We have a winner!!

Image via weheartit

My giveaway ended yesterday, so today I counted up all of the entries and put them in a spreadsheet then used to generate a winner.

And the winner is... Rose from rosedl
Congratulations! I'll get your prizes packaged up and sent as soon as I can.

I've just got in from work and I am freezing and absolutely knackered after last night. I had such a good time but the house was so cold when I got back that I just lay in bed shivering until about 5am. I'm going to cook my tea, have a nice bath and then get into bed and watch some trashy programmes or a Disney film!
I hope everyone's having a good weekend!


  1. congratulations rose :) xxx

  2. Congrats Rose!
    Those cupcakes look delicious! Cute blog too :)
    Kisses from the Netherlands.

  3. Congrats Rose, wooo!

    Katie. x

  4. EEE thankyou! I am so so sorry it's late i have had internet troubles over the weekend. I hope I'm not too late xoxoxo


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