Monday, 3 January 2011

New things!

You may remember me mentioning the Cath Kidston bag I wanted.. well on Wednesday I checked the website and it was in stock so I ordered it, expecting it to turn up some time this week. I got to Winchester Friday afternoon and my lovely next door neighbour popped round with a parcel for me.. it was my bag!

I'm so pleased with it! Look how lovely it is! It's a lot roomier than I expected as well, I can fit everything I need in there (and more!) so I can see myself using this a lot. I'll be taking it away with me this week. I decided to take a photo of everything that's in my bag:

Clockwise from top left: tablets and stuff, my leather filofax that I had for my 21st off my dad, bright pink pen for writing in the filofax, Cath Kidston purse, bottle of water, iPod touch, Cath Kidston ticket holder, my beloved blackberry, house keys on a Cath Kidston (surprise suprise) keyring, Avon lipstick, vaseline and hairbrush.
It really does fit a lot of stuff in!
I popped into Paperchase on my break today and bought a few Christmas things in the sale. I got a pink reindeer (which I'm going to have up in my room all year round) a small black Christmas tree (I don't usually like them but this is small and cute) and some pink tinsel. It came to a grand total of £2.50. What a bargain! Here's a photo:

Also, I don't know whether I mentioned this in an earlier post but I spent my New Year's Eve by myself, dying my hair. I used Superdrug's own dye in 'Spice Red'. I'm really pleased with how it came out seeing as the dye only cost me £2.50! Everyone at work has been complimenting me, even a customer said I've got 'the most amazing hair colour'. I'll definitely be buying it again, especially as it's on offer at the moment at two for £5 and they do 10% student discount!

It's made my hair so shiny!

Anyway, I'd better leave this for now. I have to leave for work at 9:15 and then I'm going straight to London from there and I won't be getting to Essex until after 11pm!


  1. I love your hair! It's such a great colour. I might try it out next time mine needs a refresh.
    The bag is so cute, I love Cath Kidston bags.


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