Monday, 10 January 2011

I've seen the new Accessorize make up collection in Superdrug stores and I'm dying to try out a few things. They all look so good and are reasonably priced too (nothing over £10, most of the products are £5 or under!)
Here are a few of the things that are at the top of my wishlist:

Exotic Brights Baby Blue nail polish, £4
With Love Merged Diva Blusher, £5
Illusion Pink Spice nail polish, £4
Illusion Merged Gun Metal eyeshadow, £4.50

I'll definitely be checking these out after next pay day and will be taking advantage of the 10% student discount that Superdrug offer.

Has anyone tried any of the Acessorize make up yet?


  1. i tried a pink nail polish. Was really good and the packaging and bottles are beaut!
    lovely blog, i'm following. Great layout too :)

  2. I didn't even know Accessorize had a make up range so I'm going to check it out. They always have great sales in that shop.
    I like the baby blue polish, very fresh and spring like x

  3. i really wanna try this stuff, the colours look cute but even with the topshop makeup, being a store brand was wierd! thanks for the comment :D definetly try out twitter again, i only joined last night and it's actually quite simple, any questions i'll try to answer i'm not brill but i'd love to help :) xo

  4. the pinky colour one - amazing x

  5. i want to try out quite a few products in this line just so annoying that my local superdrug doesnt stock 'em :( x


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