Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ebay Wishlist #58

Navy floral dress - Floral jacket  - Cream floral playsuit - Grey heeled ankle boots - Black flat ankle boots

I'm on a roll with these - two weeks in a row!

This weeks picks are a bit of a mixture - we have the three floral items - a dress, a playsuit and a jacket which would be perfect for the summer but could also be worn for a Christmas night out. Who says you have to go dark and glittery for your work Christmas do? The jacket would be great for brightening up a little black dress. 

The two pairs of boots are definitely appropriate for this time of year. Both pairs would go with any outfit but the heels would be especially good on a night out whereas the flats would be great for everyday. I'd wear both of these with a pair of tights and some frilly ankle socks so you could just see the frills peeking out at the ankle.


  1. love those black boots, great find!

  2. I don´t really like the boots, because it´s not really my kind of taste, but the white dress is really pretty! ;)

  3. I still can't decide whether to get the floral Mexican jacket or not.. I'll probably get it and never wear it lol hashtag standard. x


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