Monday, 8 December 2014

Lifestyle: Blogging and working full time

Since I've been working full time, I've found it a bit of a struggle to keep up with my blog. Apart from having less free time, there's also a problem with the dark nights leaving me less time to take photographs. The only time I get to photograph products or to shoot outfit photos is at the weekend, although I always seem to have plans at the weekend - I rarely get a day that I can dedicate to photographing and blogging. Here's what I do to combat those problems and get myself organised.

Take Notes
I like to always have a note book on me, but if I don't then there's always the note app on my iPhone or iPad. I often get ideas for posts when I'm out and about, so it's a good idea to get them written down before I forget about them. 

I also like to write a list of all of the things that I need to photograph so that when I do get some free time to get my camera out, I can just get everything done all at once. I like to use this Moleskine notebook from Viking Direct, which is the perfect size for carrying around in my handbag.

Sort out a schedule
If I wasn't able to schedule blog posts, I don't know what I would do! I often sit down and write out four of five posts at a time and schedule them for some point in the future. I bought this Paris themed organiser from Wilkos and I use it to sort out what posts I'm doing and when I'm going to post them.

Some weeks I just won't have any time to think about my blog at all with my work schedule and my social life, so this is where I am really grateful for being able to pre-write my posts. I often have a couple of posts in the drafts section on Blogger which I can just use when I'm out of ideas or pressed for time.  

Blogging on the go
If I'm going on a long journey, I like to make the most out of my time and I'll often get my iPad out and connected to the bluetooth keyboard so I can write a couple of posts up. Even if wifi isn't available, I'll get them written up in the notes app and then I can always transfer them to Blogger whenever I can connect to the internet. 

Always carry a camera
You never know when you're going to be doing something that's worthy of a blog post so it's a good idea to always have a camera to hand to snap a couple of photos. I don't always want to drag my DSLR around with me but I always have my iPhone and I have a compact camera that takes up hardly any space in my handbag.

Stay social
Social media is a really important aspect for any blogger. It takes seconds to post a Facebook update or to compose a quick tweet and these will help you to interact with your readers and other bloggers. There's also a couple of handy websites/apps which will allow you to schedule tweets and facebook statuses. I use IFTTT and Hootsuite.


  1. I totally needed this blog post right now im in the same boat as you

  2. Working and blogging can be a pain.
    Rubi | The Den

  3. Great tips! It is so difficult juggling the two! you do a much better job at it than me xx


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