Thursday, 27 November 2014

Wishlist: The Greedy Book

We all know how awkward it can be to accept a gift that you don't like. Even though you may appreciate the thought, time and effort that has gone into choosing it, it can be hard to fake a smile when you open it. I've had quite a few 'bad presents' in my 25 years of Christmases.. one that really sticks in my mind is a pack of scented drawer liners that I was given when I was about twelve. Don't get me wrong, I used them and my drawers smelt like lavender for the next sixth months or so but it really wasn't the type of thing a thirteen year old girl hopes to open on Christmas Day.

Luckily, The Greedy Book has been created for situations like this. It's the brain child of two sisters Millie and Charlie who were inspired by their sister-in-law who kept a book full of the items she knew her family would love to open on Christmas Day - this meant that her loved ones always got a gift that they would treasure. With The Greedy Book, you can create an online wishlist which includes links to all of the products, making it easier to show people what you want and also easier for them to buy.

As I haven't actually told anyone what I would like for Christmas yet, I've made my own Greedy Book full of all of the items that are on my lust list. Some, like the Mulberry bag are things I can only ever dream of owning and would never ask for although things like the gorgeous Dr Martens are definitely items I would put on my Christmas list.

Have you made a Greedy Book? You can view mine here.

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  1. What a great idea... my parents are constantly worrying about what to get me and my partner, and because I live quite far from them, I find it hard to drop hints. I end up ringing them up and reeling off a URL - which slightly ruins the Christmas spirit!

    Thanks for posting this!

    Sarah Jess
    the yup blog


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