Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Outfit: Daisy Daisy

Playsuit* - LilyLulu
Tshirt - Primark

I seem to have a thing for daisies at the moment as you can see from this outfit and also this one that I posted last week. I was sent this playsuit from the folks at LilyLulu which is a brand I'd never heard of before. I absolutely adore the print but unfortunately it doesn't fit me very well in the chest area so I've had to pair it with this white tshirt to avoid getting done for indecent exposure. It's perfect for a hot sunny day like we've been having recently and would also make a great cover up on the beach.


  1. This playsuit is beautiful!
    Jodie xx

  2. I absolutely love the play suit! It's so much fun and I love daisy print. I haven't heard of that company either but I will check it out now :)
    Sisley x

  3. You look great! love the playsuit.



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