Monday, 28 July 2014

Guest Post: Things you need to transform a student room

Let’s face it, student rooms aren’t exactly renowned for their comfort and style. These spaces tend to have an impersonal and sometimes grotty look and feel. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help transform these rooms and make them homely and welcoming.

Practicalities first
When you first move into your student accommodation, you’ll need to make sure that all the practicalities are in place. For example, you could probably benefit from getting an extension plug so that you can run your lamps, laptop, phone charger, hair dryer and other electrical items at the same time.
Other must-haves include a laundry basket and some stationery to help you keep your uni work organised. Your room should come with a desk and chair, but if you’re not happy with the quality of these items, it’s worth investing in new versions. You can always take these with you when you move. So that you can assemble new furniture and do other household tasks, it helps to have the right tools. Firms such as Buck & Hickman offer a selection of power and hand tools.  

A light bulb moment
Once you’ve got these basics organised, it’s time to get down to the finer details of your room. One design feature that can make a big impact is lighting. OK, so your room is bound to have a ceiling light, but it’s up to you to accessorise.
The addition of a desk lamp or corner lamp can add instant character and atmosphere to your room. If your accommodation provider allows is, some candles can be great too. They create a warm glow. Fairy lights can also give added personality to the space.

Choose your bed linen carefully
You might not have the permission or the inclination to completely redecorate your room and the chances are, it will have neutral walls and flooring. This means it’s really important to choose attractive bed linen. It’s amazing how much of a difference a stylish duvet cover and pillowcases can make to the overall look of a room.
By selecting bold colours and patterns, you can instantly bring your student space to life. So that you don’t get bored of the look of your room, you might want to choose a couple of different designs. This means that you can achieve varying looks each time you swap your linen.

Rugs and cushions
To add to the effect, you can think about introducing a rug and some cushions that complement the colour theme.

Posters and pictures
When it comes to your walls, posters offer an inexpensive and easy way to fill blank space. However, for the really personal touch, consider using photos as well. You can get creative and make collages or, for a more sophisticated look, order canvas prints of your favourite snaps.

Some greenery
As long as you trust yourself to water the things, plants can make a great addition to your room too. Try to choose versions that look great and that are easy to care for. After all, you might spend plenty of time away from your student accommodation during the holidays.
If you’d prefer to go for a zero maintenance option, select artificial versions instead. Some of these products are surprisingly realistic and you won’t have to worry about them drying out.

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