Wednesday, 8 January 2014

25 before 25

I turn 25 this year which seems ridiculously old, I still look about 16. I thought I'd give myself some goals to acheive before I turn a quarter of a century old and see how many I can tick off the list when October 5th rolls around. I have just about ten months, which is plenty of time and these are all realistic so hopefully I'll do well. Thanks to Elizabeth for the idea!

1. Get on a plane
2. Visit a new country
3. Pass my driving test
4. Pay off my credit card
5. Pay off at least one overdraft
6. Learn to crochet
7. Visit Amy up north
8. Go to Amsterdam
9. Go away by myself
10. Get a tattoo
11. Buy a new DSLR
12. Read 25 new books
13. Go to the theatre
14. Walk more often
15. Make more of an effort to see my friends across the country
16. Visit Oxford
17. Get 1,500 followers on Bloglovin'
18. Stop spending all my money in Greggs
19. Get a massage
20. Explore Edinburgh properly
21. Discover some new places where I live
22. Learn to bake some macarons
23. Find the perfect eyeliner
24. Start swimming again
25. Go to a festival

Have you set yourself any goals recently?


  1. A good well rounded list I say! Love that I'm not the only one who spends all my money in greggs!

    Good luck sugar!



  2. Isn't it just the strangest thing? I'll be turning 25 this year too, haha.But you should visit Amsterdam! Not just saying that because I live there :)

  3. Ooo your birthday is 10 days before mine :D I can't even talk about how old I am this year though "/ lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Lovely list! It's scaring thinking about how we definitely aren't kids anymore. I'm only 21 and I'm already feeling the need to get things done with my life! You'll love Amsterdam, it's such a beautiful place. I definitely need to learn to drive in the next year or so too.

    Bella . BELLAETC

  5. i hope you achieve all your goals within the time frame.

  6. Your birthday is just before mine! I think this is a brilliant list and the crochet part will be really easy for you. I crochet sometimes and it is easier than you think ;)

  7. Make a list of goals you wish t achieve is a great idea. I think it forces you to make sure you achieve them.

  8. Good luck! Seems very realistic!

  9. These sound like good realistic goals. I should definitely try to do the spending money in Greggs one, it's just so convenient.

  10. I'm turning 27 this year, its terrifying! I definitely want to read more books although 27 may be a bit too ambitious! x

  11. Oh I love reading lists like this! Crochet is so much easier than knitting, you'll love it!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  12. I used to live in Oxford - so beautiful - definitely give it a go! I just turned 26 but people still tell me I look 12 :( x

  13. 25 is young lovely - I'm currently working my way through my 30 before 30 - I hit the big 3 0 in April! (Although I totally remember 25 feeling ancient at the time!!)

  14. You're only as young as you feel! Good luck with your list, keep us updated on how you're doing!


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