Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Winter Skate - Birmingham's Outdoor Ice Rink

Last week I was kindly offered two tickets to the outdoor ice rink in Birmingham. Hosted in Centenary Square, outside the ICC and the new library and amongst the Christmas market, the ice rink has such a festive atmosphere. I'd always wanted to have a go but have never had the chance so I immediately said yes when I was offered the tickets and asked Chloe if she wanted to go with me. I didn't think to ask her if she could actually ice skate though..

When we got on the ice, I started to skate along and then looked back and saw that Chloe had barely moved an inch - it turns out she's not very confident on the ice! I helped her to do a lap around the rink and then she got off and watched the rest of us showing off our skills. I'm kidding, I don't have any skills. I'm surprised I didn't stumble or fall over at all!

After our session was over, we headed over to the ice bar and had a complimentary hot chocolate with marshmallows while we watched the next lot of skaters. It was good fun and I definitely recommend it. It feels so Christmassy with all of the lights and the big wheel next to it. The Winter Skate ice rink is in town until January 5th.


  1. ahhh i love ice skating!! x

  2. I'm such an ice skating wimp, but this looks great! (Plus, I've only ever been to Birmingham once. Shameful!)


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