Friday, 13 December 2013

My Christmas jumpers #XmasJumperDay

Every year I look at the Christmas jumpers in the shops and admire them, then I decide that I want one about a week before the big day and guess what? They're all sold out. That's how it goes every year, so this year I decided that that wasn't going to happen and I was going to make sure I got one. I've now ended up with two! Apparently it's 'Xmas Jumper Day' today so I thought I'd share mine with you.

Cat Christmas jumper - £12, Primark

Primark got their stock of Christmas jumpers in really early this year. I think I first noticed them in October! This cat one was actually one of the first ones that I saw but I put off buying one until a couple of weeks ago. I decided that I needed to wear one to work to bring a bit of festive cheer into the shop, so I popped in on my way to an event and had a look at what they had to offer. They have loads of different styles including some musical and light up ones! This cat one was definitely made for me though. A cat in a santa hat and real bells? Perfect! It's even black as well so it fits in with my dress code at work - kind of.

Cream snowflake Christmas jumper* - £16, Asda (available here)

This cream snowflake one was gifted to me by George at Asda. At £16, it costs a bit more than the Primark one but it's not too Christmassy so I can get away with wearing it all winter (so October to April then) not just over the festive period. If you're going to get one of these jumpers from Asda, I'd advise you to size down as they do come up quite big. I have a size 10 which is huge on me but it is really cosy and looks great with my disco pants or leggings as a casual, comfortable outfit.

I think Christmas jumpers are a great way to look festive but also stylish at the same time. They're fantastic at keeping you warm and you can always layer up underneath them like I do when I'm at work. That way you don't have to worry about things like circulator pumps for central heating, you can just keep yourself warm by layering up the festive knitwear instead. However, if you're not one for cheesy jumpers, you could always check out some stoves by Hunter instead.

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  1. I love the first one!! And the fact that it has real bells has sold it to me! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  2. Love your jumpers! The cat one is very cute. Both are great prices too

  3. Eeeeek, I want Christmas jumpers like this! Mine is just a boring patterned one, darn it.
    Anja x

  4. Oh my - that cat one is soo adorable! Can't believe it's from Primark! :O I need to go to Primark next year for Xmas jumpers - I paid £40 for my one from Debenhams wahh! X

  5. The cat jumper is too cute, why haven't I seen that one in Primark!
    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  6. I love these jumpers. I haven't been able to get myself one this year :(

  7. I really like the second jumper :)

    Uncover the Untold


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