Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tartan Wishlist

So.. I'm just a tiny wee bit obsessed with tartan at the moment. Only a little bit. You might have already noticed from the Primark haul I posted a couple of days ago, but if you didn't then I'm telling you now - I kind of like tartan. It doesn't help that I went to Edinburgh recently where EVERYTHING is tartan.

I've been trying to stop myself from buying anything else with a tartan print but I've got my eye on so many things so I thought I would share them on here so maybe someone else can buy them before I do. The watch is an absolute bargain off ebay so I might actually buy that, I seem to have lost all of my other watches. I also do need a new purse so maybe I'll pick this one up from Topshop next time I'm in Birmingham. There's no way I need another bag or iPhone case but THEY'RE SO PRETTY! Someone stop me!

What do you think of tartan? Are you going to be wearing any this season?


  1. Please get the iPhone case. You're going to look like a kilt. Not even someone wearing a kilt, just the kilt itself.

  2. I'm getting a definite tartan obsession too, I just seem to be drawn to it at the moment! I love the phone case :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. Get all of it. EVERY SINGLE ITEM.

  4. Get the iphone case! The skirt is also nice with the zip detailing! xo

  5. I bought a tartan scarf from Primark on Saturday and I've been loving wearing it. I know want all the tartan.

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. I cant get enough of tartan! I’m so in love with that skirt, great picks!x

  7. The skirt and satchel are amazing! x

  8. i love the dress, i'm obsessed with tartan every other blogger it seems! primark have some pretty awesome tartan mock DMs at the moment x

  9. I'm lusting over the vivienne westwood tartan bag at the moment but clearly out of my price range so I think I may invest in the 2nd satchel!!


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