Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Style Icon: Foxes

Foxes (real name Louisa Rose Allen) is a 24 year old singer from Southampton. I first discovered her when I saw her supporting Marina and the Diamonds in Wolverhampton last October and I immediately fell in love with both her voice and her gorgeous style. I've been waiting ages to get a chance to see her again and it's finally going to happen on Friday in Birmingham, I'm so excited!

I love everything she wears, her outfits always look so stylish yet so effortless at the same time - something that I wish I could pull off. Her hair and make up is always perfect and I have to admit that she's one of the main reasons why I got my fringe back. I've got terrible hair/face/wardrobe envy. When I saw her last October, she was wearing a Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera tour tshirt and she even looked good in that. To be honest, I think Foxes could look good in a bin bag.

If you've never heard of Foxes before, I recommend you get yourself on YouTube and listen to a few of her tracks. My personal favourite is Beauty Queen which is the first song that she performed in Wolverhampton and I had to wait seven months for it to be released!


  1. Part of me kind of hate how ruddy beautiful she is, but she's got a lovely voice :)
    I'm sure you'll have the best time seeing her again! x

  2. she reminds me of cece from new girl, what a fitty. You should dress exactly like her. i almost wish this was a post about how foxes inspired you..next week badgers? ;)

  3. She's pretty sexy, she reminds me of the dark haired on from Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

  4. Is she the same Foxes who featured on Fall Out Boy's latest album?


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