Monday, 30 September 2013

Primark Haul - September 2013

I've spent a hell of a lot of money in Primark this month and it's not even over yet. There's still more time to SPEND! As you can see, I've been stocking up on the essentials for autumn and winter and everything is burgundy/tartan/dark colours. I've really got a thing for tartan this season.

Beanie hat - £2
Tartan backpack - £9
Pumps - £6

I used the rucksack on my trip to Edinburgh - I didn't mean to buy a tartan rucksack to take to Scotland, I swear. That just happened. I also wore my tartan scarf as well, while I bought a tartan blanket. I looked like a proper tourist. The pumps are a repurchase - I've worn another pair of these constantly over the summer and they're so dirty now but aren't close to dying yet, however, I thought I'd better get myself a spare pair just in case. The hat was a bargain at £2 and I've been wearing it all the time. I'm such a hat person, I wear them constantly September - April.

Tartan scarf - £4
Skater dress - £5
Chelsea boots - £10

The tartan scarf is something that I've wanted since last year and I've been searching ebay for one ever since. This one is quite thin but for £4, I couldn't say no! I've barely taken it off since I bought it. The green polkadot dress is made from very thin jersey material and has long sleeves and a skater skirt. It's so flattering on and I'll be wearing this a lot with thick tights and the ankle boots which were a bargain at £10.

Tartan shirt - £5
Skater dress - £5

The tartan shirt is actually from the children's section. I got size 11-12 and it fits me perfectly. I've since seen some other tartan shirts in ladies sizes but this was only £5 and I've already worn it loads in the couple of weeks that I've had it. The dress next to it is the same as the green one, however it has short sleeves and is obviously burgundy.

Above knuckle/midi rings - £1.50
Lightning bolt earrings - £1.50
Frilly ankle socks - £1.50

I also picked up a few accessories as they're so cheap. I can't believe I got 8 above knuckle rings for £1.50! I love that they're in different metals too. I had to get the lightning bolt earrings because I'm a Harry Potter geek, I'm not sure if I will actually wear them though. I always seem to get a pair of the frilly ankle socks whenever I'm in Primark and I love the colour of these blue ones. I think they look great peeping over the top of ankle boots.

Since I took these photos, I've also bought a few more things. Oops! Somebody keep me away from Primark! Have you found any bargains in there recently?


  1. I love the tartan scarf been wanting one of those so will have to go to primark soon :) xxx

  2. It's been a few weeks since I went to Primark, but that's probably a good thing as I always seem to spend too much and I'm running out of wardrobe space!

  3. I bought the blue version of the tartan scarf on Saturday and I'm loving it. Primark have some lovely things in at the moment :)

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