Friday, 2 August 2013

MoneySupermarket's Budget Bucket List Competition

My good friend Amy alerted me to the most recent Money Supermarket blogger competition and I couldn't resist entering, even though today is the last day for entries! Money Supermarket want to know what is on our 'bucket lists' and what it is that is preventing us from doing them. Like most people, I have a whole list of things that I want to do but can't because I'm not a millionaire (yet!) so I've picked just a couple to share with you.

First of all, there's the budget option. If I won £50, I would spend it on.. coach tickets. Thanks to going to uni so far away from home, I now have loads of friends all over the country but most of them are located down south in the Reading/London/Hampshire areas. I left Winchester over a year ago and I haven't seen many of my best friends for even longer than that as I was one of the last to leave. As I've been struggling to get a full time job, I haven't been able to travel to see anyone and a lot of them have been in the same boat as me. I've had a pretty terrible year and it would make it a lot better if I could see my favourite girls! I'd love to be able to travel down south for a few days and visit Izzy, Jade, Selina, Katie, Lily and Hera and have a couple of girly nights in with takeaways and a gossip.

The extravagant option is something that I think I will never be able to do unless I win the lottery or marry a rich old man unfortunately. If I had £1000, the first thing I would do is fix my DSLR which would cost around £150 and then I would take my camera and the rest of the money and go travelling around Europe for a couple of weeks. I would love a nice adventure after the crappy year I've had and I love travelling on my own. I'm not sure if I'd just stick to a couple of countries or try to do a few but the cities I'd really love to visit someday are:
- Paris, France (I've already been but I love it!)
- Lille, France (again, I've already been but I spent less than 24 hours there so I'd love a proper chance to explore)
- Limoges, France (I spent two weeks here on a French exchange and I'd love to go back and visit my host family for the day)
- Barcelona, Spain
- Madrid, Spain
- Ypres, Belgium (I've already been here but I'd love to visit again and spend more time in the museum)
- Brussels, Belgium
- Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Rome, Italy
- Pompeii, Italy

So.. as you can see I have quite a long list of places I want to visit and £1000 would really help me to cross a few of them off my list.

I tag:
Sara from Pretty in Pink
Chloe from Unwritten Hollywood
Clare from A Bit Of This and That

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  1. You're going to Paris! Count down is on NOW!


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