Saturday, 8 June 2013

Illamasqua lipstick in Kontrol

Illamasqua Kontrol - £16.50, available here

This lipstick was one that I had to swatch every time I was in the Selfridges beauty hall, I even asked one of the Illamasqua MUAs to apply it for me and I loved it! I was never brave enough to buy it though, at £16.50 it's a bit on the pricey side for a lipstick so bold and daring. However, a few weeks ago Illamasqua were offering a 50% off sale on all of their products on their website so I finally took the plunge and purchased Kontrol for the bargainous price of £8.25.

When it arrived a few days later, I was a bit unsure of it and to be honest, I still am. It's a really dark, blue toned purple which is almost navy and has a very matte finish. I haven't quite got the hang of applying it yet and I can't seem to get it to look as good as it did when the MUA applied it on me. It's definitely not a summer lipstick and I can't see myself wearing it any time soon but as soon as winter hits, I'll be getting it out again and figuring out a way to make it wearable because it is such a gorgeous colour.

I think I'll probably pop back into Selfridges and have a word with one of the MUAs that I spoke to last week who recommended a lipgloss to wear over the top which helped to brighten it up and make it look a lot more wearable for the daytime.

What do you think of Illamasqua lipsticks? Have you tried Kontrol?


  1. This is an amazing lipstick! I agree, not really a Summer colour though. Maybe a gloss with a slight pinky finish over it would make it more wearable? I was on holidays in London last week and kept swatching it too ahaha!

  2. It suits you soooo much!


  3. I find using a lip brush helps pack the color on a lot better with Illamasqua lipsticks if that helps. It's likely they applied it on you that way. Also I think the color looks amazing on you, half tempted to go and buy it for myself just cause it looks so good on you lol xD

  4. Only bloody you would look fantastic in a lipstick that dark!

    I'm struggling with my Illamasqua lipsitck, I find it really powdery and drying :(


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