Thursday, 25 April 2013

#BrumBloggerMeet April 20th 2013

Last Saturday was the finally the day me, Sara and Chloe had been planning for months - the #BrumBloggerMeet.

We started off in Starbucks in the Pallasades where we met up with all of the bloggers for a coffee and to get to know each other while everyone turned up. We then headed to Selfridges for what was supposed to be a fashion show but turned out to be two women leading us around the womenswear department and talking about the current collections. At least that's what I think it was, I couldn't hear a word they were saying and I didn't even notice when they'd stopped and disappeared. It was very badly planned. So sorry everyone who had to put up with that, we were honestly expecting something better!

After Selfridges, we all split up into our own groups to do our own thing for a couple of hours. I ended up spending money in the MAC store on Cannon St and taking Chloe's bubble tea virginity at Moocha. It was great to be able to get to know some new bloggers that I'd never met before including Alev, Leigh and Alice.

We then headed to Bar Room Bar in the Mailbox where we gave out the amazing goody bags that we'd sorted out and had talks from John Lewis, Benefit and Bodhi. The talks were really interesting, especially the one from Bodhi founder Elijah. I'm so grateful that these people came out of their way to talk to us all, I think it made the event a bit different from all of the rest that I've been to. We were also surprised with extra Benefit goody bags containing full sized They're Real mascaras and full sized Fake Up concealers. Both of these are products that I'd been wanting to try so I was really happy! We also did a raffle with great prizes from Enrapture, Beauxoxo, Bohemian Collective and Benefit!

After Bar Room Bar, when most of the other bloggers had headed home, a few of us (me, Elizabeth, Sara, Chloe, Alice and Laura) walked along the canal to Brindley Place and had a few cocktails and a lot of laughs in Pitcher and Piano. It was a brilliant end to the day and I can't wait until the next meet up. Thank you to everyone who came and a massive thank you to those of you that put money towards all of the Lush goodies for us organisers. I was so surprised, I almost cried!

Here's a video I put together with snippets from the day, I completely forgot I had a camera most of the time!


  1. I would love to have attended this. Looks like such fun. I think us Scottish bloggers need to organise something like this x

  2. I am so gutted I couldn't come :( I spent most of my Saturday listening to speakers and doing team-building things :(

  3. Thanks for your comment, Angie. Have you ever tried joining a critique group? I'm not sure where you're writing from but there are lots of SCBWI critique groups all around the world, and there are lots of online ones, too. Sometimes you can just get too close to something and it's hard to see where to go with it whereas a fresh pair of eyes can come up with something really useful... Good luck, Clare.
    Thanks for the post, Kyra, and best of luck with Strength Carrie -- I've been hearing great things about it.
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