Saturday, 15 December 2012

Top 3: Purple Lipsticks

MAC Up The Amp - MAC Rebel - Revlon Va Va Violet

This Autumn/Winter, purple lipstick is everywhere so I thought I would share my three favourites with you.

MAC Up The Amp - I don't know what it was that attracted me to this colour, I just swatched it one day and then couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to go and buy it! It's a lovely lavender violet which is very wearable. When applied lightly, it's a nice sheer pink shade, however, with a couple more coats it really brings out the purple and is great for a night out.

MAC Rebel - I actually bought this in July when I was in Harrods. The colour of the lipstick in the bullet drew me in and I was so surprised when I swatched it to see that it's actually a gorgeous berry pink shade rather than the deep purple that I was expecting. This lipstick has been all over the blogosphere and YouTube recently, so I'm sure you've all heard a lot about it. It's definitely my favourite of the three lipsticks.

Revlon Va Va Violet - I'd seen a lot of people talking about this lipstick online, so I purchased one off ebay. It's a very dark plum colour, almost black if you apply too much. However, a couple of layers, over a slick of lip balm and the lipstick looks a lot lighter and is very wearable during the day if you're brave enough to pull it off. The formula of this lipstick isn't the best, it's very drying and goes on quite sheer to start off with so you really need to build up the colour.

What do you think of purple lipsticks? Do you have a favourite?


  1. I LOVE purple lipstick - definitely try MAC Hang up :) xx

  2. I don't think I would wear purple lipsticks, I'm so not brave enough! The MAC Rebel swatch does look a lot lighter and a really nice berry colour compared to how it looks normally! xo

    The Pretty Season

  3. So funny that you just posted this - I was out shopping earlier today and almost bought a purple lipstick for myself, but chickened out! Now I'm wishing that I just went for it. The Revlon lipstick looks amazing!

  4. I'm such a red lipstick fiend that I really enjoyed this post! I've been thinking about venturing into purple for a while, so this has been really helpful! Love revlon lipsticks


  5. I love the look of the Revlon lipstick- gorgeous colour
    Daniella x

  6. I wish I dared to wear those lipsticks because they're such beautiful colours! I think I need to grow a pair haha xxx

  7. I LOVE Mac Rebel. It has become my go-to shade this winter!

  8. I seriously feel like I need both of those MAC lipsticks in my life, especially Rebel! Will have to try these out when I'm next near a counter :)

    Sarah @



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