Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ebay Wishlist #8

I didn't do an eBay wishlist post last week, I've just been so busy. I've had a lot going on, including a few exciting events! I've already written about the #XmasBloggerMeet and I've done the first part of my Clothes Show write up. Anyway, I haven't got much planned for the next few weeks until Christmas so I have plenty of time to catch up on my blogging!

I'm really loving Christmas scents at the moment and have been stocking up on Yankee tarts for my burner. There's nothing better than a house smelling of cinnamon in December. I love the tartan dress and I think I might get it to wear on Christmas day. I always like to have a new dress to wear even though we don't leave the house. I've been wearing a lot of shirt and jumper combos recently so the gold collar tips would help to jazz up my outfits a bit more.


  1. I love the cushion! I'm always after new tarts too, they're so cheap and the scent just fills the room! xo

  2. I'm loving christmas scents as well! Love that tartan dress and those collar tips are so unique


  3. That fox cushion is so cute x

  4. What a cute dress! Love it!

  5. I'm the same, I always have to have a new dress to wear on Christmas day even though we don't go anywhere! I'm desperate for some collar tips too!

    I adore the fox cushion, I have an owl one and I think she needs a friend :)

    Thanks for posting you ebay wishlist, I always struggle to find good stuff but I always get inspired by your lists!

    Amy x

  6. Seriously in love with the fox cushion! xx


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