Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up (5th October - mark your calendars!) so I thought I'd show you what is on my birthday wishlist. There was only two items on there (the charm and the lipstick) but my boyfriend was asking what I wanted and when I told him he said "two items is not a list" so I've racked my brain and found more things that I would like.

The Pandora charm, perfume and the lipstick are things that I've been wanting for aaaages but they're not the kind of things that I would just treat myself to, however I've managed to save up enough Boots points for the perfume so if I don't get it for my birthday I'll just treat myself to it anyway.

 I want to try the rest of the Real Techniques brushes after using the stippling brush and the blush brush for a while now. I've been really impressed with their quality!

 I love the Cath Kidston mug, it's such a pretty floral design and I want to start up a collection for when I eventually move out again, I only have one at the moment.

After finishing the Millennium trilogy, I now want to watch all of the Swedish films. The books were amazing and I think they were even better than my beloved Harry Potter! It's such a shame that Stieg Larsson died without completing the rest of the series (there were meant to be ten) but at least I have all the films left to watch!

So, there you go Mark.. stop complaining that I'm hard to buy for!


  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday and get everything you want :) X

  2. I absolutely LOOOOOVE Vera Wang Princess. Got it a couple of months ago and it soon became one of my favourite perfumes ever. It's up there with Miss Dior Cherie and Flowerbomb. Such a lovely scent!

  3. I like that your BF actually encouraged you to make a list of things you want. How cute! I hope you get spoilt and get everything you'd like!

  4. thanks for your entry for the giveaway. hopefully you get a pair of headphones for your bday then!

  5. That lipstick looks amazing!! Love the packaging!!


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