Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ombre jumper + Disco pants

Disco Pants: Glamorous
Jumper: Clothing at Tesco
Wedges: New Look

I finally caved and bought some disco pant dupes from Glamorous. This was the first thing I've actually bought from Glamorous (I've received a few samples from them before) and I was really impressed! I got 20% off with the code GLAMOROUS20 and paid for the normal delivery as opposed to next day. Considering I chose the cheapest delivery option, they came super quickly! I bought these on the Sunday and they arrived Tuesday lunchtime. I can safely say that I will definitely be shopping with Glamorous again!

I'm so in love with these disco pants. Although a lot of people have said they're not a true black, they're dark enough for me. They are really slimming and look great with either a long top as I've worn them here, or with a top tucked in. They're not as thick as the AA version, however they still have the back pockets and the zip and button at the front. They are very shiny much like the AA version but as I took my photos in the sun, they look a lot shinier than they actually are. I've had a lot of compliments when wearing them and they've quickly become one of my most worn items. If you're considering getting these, it's best to go a size up. I'm usually an 8 but bought them in a 10 and they fit perfectly.

The jumper was a complete bargain at £7 from Tesco. I only popped in for some chicken and came out with this. I got it in a size 10 so it's slightly baggy and I usually wear it over a vest top with a pair of jeans and some simple pumps. This is another item that I've been wearing non-stop recently. It's so comfy and easy to wear!

What do you think of disco pants? Do you have a pair?


  1. Oooh I was so tempted to get that jumper the other day! You might have swayed me further :)

    Rosie x

  2. Aw man I really want some of these glamorous disco pants! Definitely buying a pair when I get back from holiday!


  3. Loving the Tesco bargain jumper it is so pretty & the disco pants are really good dupes by the looks of it.

  4. amazing outfit, fab Tesco find, love the jumper!

  5. Love this outfit, the disco pants look great on you!
    The jumper is gorgeous and such a bargain x

  6. Love this jumper!I brought a similar one from Tesco too, they've got some great knitwear pieces in at the moment. xo

  7. This outfit looks lovely. I really like the look of disco pants but I'm not brave enough to buy a pair! x
    Sirens and Bells

  8. Just found your blog and think it's really cool! :)
    You can nominate blogs for the Liebster Blog- Award on my blog at the moment! Yours too!! :)
    So come and visit me!

    Lischen xxx


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