Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Week in Instagram #2

Copying out essay notes that I made on the backs of receipts at work - Sitting outside the cathedral on a lovely sunny Autumn day - At the Christmas lights switch on

This week has been pretty hectic. I thought I had one 2500 essay in on Friday, turns out I actually had two.. when was my only day off? Friday! It was too late to switch my shifts and I feel bad calling in sick so I managed to do them both while also working 29 hours. I ended up getting a brainwave while I was working on Thursday and had to scribble it all down on the back of receipts. It felt so good to submit them both! I then had to get started on a poster which is in tomorrow but as I don't have Publisher on my laptop, I had to complete it on my desktop before I head home tonight. I'm so glad those three pieces of work are out of the way though.

On Thursday I went to the Winchester Christmas Lights Switch On. I've never been before and I thought I probably should seeing as it's my last year here. It felt so festive and really got me in the mood for Christmas. I just want to put my tree up NOW!  Unfortunately, my boyfriend is making me wait until December 1st. Scrooge!

I'm going home tonight for the first time in around 3 months and I can't wait! It's going to be a long day because I'm working 9 - 5:30 then getting the train just before 8pm and arriving at home at around 11:30 but I can't wait to see everyone and I'll probably have a nap on the train to London. It's going to be an exciting week with the Brum Blogger Meet Part 2 on Saturday and I'm taking my mom to the Good Food Show on Sunday for her birthday. I also have a few posts lined up, so normal blogging will resume!

I hope you're all well. Remember, you still have time to enter my giveaway.


  1. Oh god, your week sounds hectic (I was so glad to graduate and not have essays to worry about!). Well done for getting through it!

    The Christmas lights look lovely. I'm really looking forward to having my tree up x

  2. Those strings of Christmas lights look so pretty!

  3. Pretty lights! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  4. It looks really pretty with all those Christmas lights/decorations! :)


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