Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Some say it's a blessing, some say it's a curse

Cardigan: Primark
Long Sleeved Tee: Primark
Jeans: Primark

I needed a bit of cheering up today after I had a little accident at work yesterday where a locker door fell on my back and has left me bruised and in pain. I also had my implant cut out of my arm this morning so that's feeling tender and I have to keep it bandaged up for a couple of days. So.. I went in to Primark looking for something to treat myself to and I found this cardigan for a bargainous £12! It's a little bit big but it's a size 8 and knowing Primark knitwear, it will shrink in the wash anyway. It's just like my brown New Look one but half the price.

I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm going to spend tonight catching up on Parks and Recreation and watching this week's Waterloo Road while the boys watch football (yawn!) I hope everyone's having a good evening. I can't believe it's the middle of the week already! Only 4 days until my phone upgrade now. Has anyone else got the iPhone 4s? What do you think of it?


  1. Lovely cardigan, been looking for one like that for ages such a great price! :) x

  2. oh dear, doesn't sound like a good day! your cardi is lovely though, i loooove chunky knits around this time of the year.

    hope you like your iphone upgrade, i am dying to get one!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  3. That cardigan is so cute. Such a great price too! I'm also so jealous of your hair. Mine really needs redying at the mo - it's a lovely orange hue at the momento!


  4. How have I not seen that cardi in Primark? I NEED it!
    My friend has the new iPhone 4S and from what I've heard it sounds pretty good! The camera quality is way better and you can talk to it and it talks to you! She told me her boyfriend asked it to speak dirty to him and it replied with words like mud, haha! And instead of typing a text you can speak what you want to say and it writes it for you! xx

  5. sounds like you've had a rough few days! nothing better then retail therapy to feel better the cardie :) x

  6. Oh gosh I hope you're okay Hayley! I'd definitely be treating myself to new clothes and feeling sorry for myself at home in bed (: #foreverawimp The cardigan is gorgeous, and how amazing is your hair looking at the moment?! xxx

  7. Ooh sounds painful! You could sue your work! Love the cardigan!

  8. I'm sorry about all the unlucky things going on with you! Stay positive, it will look up. :]

    Your hair is an AMAZING color, btw :]

    xoxo mama wolf.

  9. Very cute! I love your hair color!
    Following :)

  10. Nice cardigan!

  11. I bought this cardigan in blue last week :) I thought if I got the cream one, I'd only make it super dirty because I'm clumsy! Sorry about you accident :( I hope you're not feeling too bad!

    I just got a hand-me-down phone from my Mum, definitely not a smart-phone. That's embarrassing, eh??! ahaha xxx

  12. Ow, get well soon!
    I loved your blog =)*

  13. Hey sorry you're feeling a bit rubbish, I'm having my implant out soon too and not looking forward to the actually procedure :(

    Love your new cardigan, I have one very similar from Primark last year.

    Hope you're feeling better soon lovely xx

  14. Incredible price for that chuny knit! Topshop sell them for £40 plus usually.

    Hope you feel better soon. The bottom of my foot is all bruised as my dad left the dogs lead on the stairs and I tripped up and went flying haha!

  15. LOVE a great chunky knit. Need to start watching Parks&Rec ! Heard it's amazing x


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