Sunday, 25 September 2011

Birthday wishlist

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It's my birthday in ten days time! I have a countdown on my desktop, I'm so excited! Here's a few things I've spotted while I've been window shopping on the internet over the past few days. It's really starting to feel like autumn now; it's getting colder every day, the leaves are changing colour and we're slowly getting our winter stock in at work. I'm loving chunky knits, dark red and cords at the moment and I love the look of these boots. I'm going to take a trip to Southampton this week and I might buy a couple of these items if I see them. I'm getting a camera off my parents, which will be brilliant. I haven't had my own camera since March when my DSLR broke! I'm excited but I also don't want to be 22. That's so old!

Uni starts again tomorrow, I can't wait. I'm so exhausted after working so much during the summer. I've worked 7 days in a row so far and still have two more to go. Tomorrow, I'm working 9 - 5:30, then have a lecture at 6 until 8. I'm going to be so tired but I need the money. I'm only in uni for 6 hours a week this semester. It hardly seems worth the £3k a year!

I hope everyone who's just moved to uni is settling in alright. I can't believe this is my last year!


  1. Love all the things you've posted here! It's my birthday soon too, will definitely be looking int oa asimilar pair of wedges so thanks for the inspiration! lol x

  2. Love that cardigan!

    Also I only had 6 hours per week for the whole of my degree! definitely wasn't worth the £3,000 a year! Ah well!


  3. That yellow cardi is gorgeous! And agreed on the whole Uni thing, don't even get me started...! haha.


  4. Great wishlist, love the black and white jumper! I think tuition fees are ridiculous when you think of how much teaching time you get in return! x

  5. Eeep I really want a pair of plum coloured jeans too. Really hate jeans shopping though haha. Hope Uni went okay today sweet, the first day back is always such a strange feeling (: xx

  6. Must have the yellow cardigan! I know what you mean about uni, I was moaning to my friend the other day about how little contact time we get for the money we pay. Ridiculous!

  7. I really need pants in a dark red too! already own red ones and love them :)


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