Thursday, 2 June 2011

Things That Make Me Happy, Part 1

Seeing as I've been a bit of a misery lately, I thought I'd do a new feature called 'Things That Make Me Happy' in an attempt to cheer myself up/make the blog a bit more interesting. Nobody wants to read about how stressed someone is over their essays or their housemates.

Cats, especially my own cat Patch
Trips to Starbucks, either on my own or with other people
Who doesn't like Nutella?
Having fresh flowers in my room
Seeing Muse live


  1. Aw, this is such a cute post. Don't worry, everyone gets moany sometimes its totally normal haha. Muse+Nutella-you have amazing taste!;) Xxx

  2. Cats = aw! I love fresh flowers :) Colourful and smell lovely.. normally. Love this post, made me smile x

  3. this post is so inpsiring. :) have you seen 'cat mom hugs kitten'? search it on youtube, it is ADORABLE x

  4. This is a lovely post and a great list of things that make you happy. I cried last time I saw Muse I was THAT happy.

  5. Seeing Muse live makes me happy too!!

    Everytime I hear them I think back to seeing them in Germany last year and how utterly utterly amazing it was!

    (but i don't really like Nutella that much I'm afraid!!)

  6. Yay for things that make you happy. I think it's always to look at the good things you have and ignore the bad things because the goods definitely outweigh the bads! Anyway, I love Nutella as well :p

  7. I think it's always nice* is what I meant!

  8. Those kitties are too cute!! These photos make me happy too!


  9. Oh my god those kittens are so cute, totally put a smile on my face :)

  10. all these things make me happy too xxx

  11. Goodness yes I can relate to a lot of these, especially nutella, starbucks trips and muse live. I cant wait to see them play origin of symmetry at Reading! xxx


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