Saturday, 11 June 2011

Floral OOTD

Sleeveless floral shirt: Primark
Shorts: New Look Kids
Cardigan: Primark

Yet another outfit post featuring those shorts. I always seem to wear them, I like having pockets to put my phone in but don't like wearing jeans. I picked up the shirt in Primark last week, it was only £6 and I love it! The cardigan was £6 too but the guy who served me only scanned the shirt, bargain!

Today, I was just going to have a lazy day but I got a text from my old housemate asking if me and my boyfriend wanted to go to lunch with him and his girlfriend. We went to Pizza Hut and had a lovely time, I miss seeing those two! We then went down by the river to feed the ducks, I hand fed one and there were some lovely fluffy ducklings! There were also a few rats as well, which was a bit gross. We decided to spend our bus money on chicken nuggets from Sainsburys and I also gave in and bought Glamour magazine. I've picked up one with each freebie in a couple of times and always put it back but I thought I'd try out Posie Tint. I'm not going to say much about it because I know a lot of other bloggers have already covered it, but I don't think I'm impressed so far.

Look how long my hair is getting! I'm so pleased, I've been growing it from a pixie cut for four years!! I also dyed it last night as it looked a mess. I want to do something different with it but I don't want to lose any of the length. I might dip dye the ends bright red or something. Any suggestions?


  1. Pixie cut? Ooh, do you have a picture??
    Feeding ducks sounds lovely, ducklings are so cute!
    Your outfit - especially the shirt - looks fab :)
    Sirens and Bells xx

  2. Love your hair, it does take ages to grow doesn't it, I used to have very short hair too! Love that floral shirt, what a beauty! xx

  3. You have three things i want: red hair, floral shirt and high waisted shorts lol. I saw a pair of shorts i loooved the other day but the smaller sized they had was two sizes bigger for me :(. You look amazing in that outfit :) loved everything!

  4. Great outfit :) Your hair is a lovely colour, I've always been tempted to dye mine red x

  5. This is lush. A bit in love with your hair.

    Helen, X

  6. Your hair looks lovely, I love the colour! Mine is a similar length but am getting it cut on Thursday, eek!

  7. This is a great outfit, love the floral top. x

  8. I love your hair colour! I'm with you on posie tint, I find the consistency really off putting. Dip dye girl! x hivenn

  9. I LOVE noticing how much my hair's grown! I had mine cut short too and I wish I never had - it's getting there now though!

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