Sunday, 3 April 2011

My Week In Photos

-Monday was a lovely day so we went walking by the River Itchen after my boyfriend treated me to lunch in Slug and Lettuce and fed some ducks and swans then ended the afternoon in a lovely little beer garden.
- We went to Sainsburys to buy some bread but ended up spending £20 on rubbish and going to Starbucks for an Espresso Frappuccino (mine) and a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (boyfriend's)
- I finally met the hamster who lives at my boyfriend's house! I hadn't been round since they got him, so I went round to meet little Alfie. He was lovely until he bit my housemate's finger and refused to let go!
- Bacon and Cheddar Potato Wedges in O'Neills! I'd been craving these for ages but I'd always been in town on my own and felt a bit sad going for lunch by myself. I met up with my friend while he was in Winchester for the day and finally had some. They were delicious!
- Yet another trip to Starbucks, this time for a free bag of coffee with my housemate Lizzie. I decided to go for a Caramel Macchiato and a free bag of Sulawesi ground coffee beans. We also ended up spending a lot of money on Dr Pepper and vodka!
- The lovely flowers my boyfriend bought for me at the beginning of the week. Looks like they're going to last for ages!


  1. My little flat in Southampton overlooks the River Itchen... obvz a different part to where you are! Sounds like you had such a nice week! Those bacon and cheddar wedges sound and look amazing, if I ever visit Winch again, I'll definitely have to pop to O'Neills! (: xx

  2. The flowers are pretty! Alfie is cute too :)

  3. Lovely blog hon! I used to live in Winch, so I recognise the places in your pictures! Those flowers are beautiful!

    The Flower Girl


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