Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Just a quick update because I've been absent for over a week now! Sorry about that. Things have just been really stressful lately. I started one of my new jobs, I've been trying to sort out references so I can start my other new job, I've been really down about the house situation and my things going missing, I've had work to do and I've been ill twice. I had to call in sick today because I think I've had a bug.. I'm feeling a bit better now. I've got my only lecture this week tomorrow and then after that I'll be going in to town to buy some stuff for our Royal Wedding party (I'm making scones and a Union Jack cake) and then I have training at work.

Yesterday, I went up to London to be in the audience for Russell Howard's Good News. It was really really good.. the funniest part was the warm up guy taking the piss out of my friend Russell. I laughed so much that I cried! That will be on tv tomorrow night (Thursday) at 10:30pm on BBC Three so keep an eye out for me. I was five rows from the front.

I went in to London a few hours early as well so I could go for a wander and see some decorations for the Royal Wedding. I went to Buckingham Palace and Regent Street and saw all the flags. It made me feel all patriotic. I very nearly bought a Union Jack top hat.. but I stopped myself just in time!

I promise I'll be back to blogging properly soon! Hope everyone is okay!


  1. I wanted to get tickets for this, I went to London a couple years ago to watch "tonightly" and "the fashion show" and both were great


  2. aww sorry to hear you have been so stressed with the jobs and the house stuff I'm sure you will get a break soon kitten. We stayed in as London (all over) was totally mental !! Was a lovely day and Kate looked stunning.


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