Saturday, 12 February 2011

Masquerade ball and Friday Featured Week 4

Here are some pictures from the Valentine's Masquerade ball last night. I didn't take any photos of my outfit so these are the best of the bunch where you can actually see it. I picked the dress up in H&M in London two years ago for a bargainous £5! I'd only ever worn it once before, it has a lovely low cut back but I struggled with bras.. I bought a stick on one but it just wouldn't stick? So I opted for a black bra and just pretended it couldn't be seen! The mask was about £3.60 off eBay. I had a great night but ended up with absolutely no sleep as I bought a drunken friend back with me who was sick. I have a phobia of sick so was lying awake worrying about him throwing up again when at 6am, my boyfriend got out of bed and decided to loudly puke too. I ended up missing a day of work because I was SHATTERED.

I missed Friday Featured this week because my Fridays are rubbish! I have a lecture from 9-11 and then another one at 3-5. I can't go home during that 4 hour break because I know I won't go back again (especially not for Greek World!) because I live at the top of a big hill and I'm lazy. Yesterday we ended up drinking in the SU and then going to 'Spoons for some lunch. Being tipsy certainly made the afternoon's lecture more entertaining. Enough rambling, here's my Friday Featured for this week:


  1. That dress was a true bargain! and i love the colour of your hair, so vibrant! I've done that before, missed work due to being overly tired!!! all in all looks like you had a smashin' night!

    Katie. x

  2. lovely pictures! I like the mask!

    The Flower Girl

  3. Looked like such a good night :) x

  4. Heyy, I remember you from the fu.CK forums, looks like your having fun at Uni, great blog :)

  5. Ahhh sounds like a pretty good night! The dress is a bargain! xx

  6. Great pics :).

    Sadie x

  7. Love your mask, totally different from any I've seen before x

  8. I adore your mask, it's so quirky!! Looks like you had a lot of fun

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  9. ahahahha looks like you had well loads of fun! Mask is well cool :)
    Doesn't matter about Friday, everyone's entitled to miss a post once in a while - we are only human after all hhhaahaa xxx

  10. That's a fab mask, funny photos!

  11. Looks like you had a lot of fun!


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