Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day yesterday! I went into town with my boyfriend so he could buy me presents (typical male, leaving it to the last minute) and so I could spend the £5 Body Shop voucher that I got in Sunday's Telegraph. I also have a dress (see above) which I need to exchange in New Look but they didn't have it in a size 8 so I've kept hold of it. I don't know whether I should just keep the size 6 and hope I don't put on any weight from all the Chinese takeaways I have or just take it back and use the money on something else. I'll have another look when I go into town tomorrow! We then went to Sainsburys where we bought a lot of food and then came back to mine and cooked steak and potato salad with toffee pavlova for dessert. It was delicious!

Here's what I got from the Body Shop:
Sweet Lemon Shower gel, only £1 with my voucher
Watemelon Body Lotion, £3.99 and Vanilla perfume, £9
Both were bought for me by my boyfriend
I absolutely love the smell of the lemon shower gel! It's so sweet and summery. I'm going to keep it for the summer I think. I really want the body butter too but I already have two tubs of pink grapefruit to use up first! The watermelon body lotion smells good enough to eat and the scent lasts for ages! I put it on last night at around 1am and I could still smell it before I had a bath at 4pm today. It's a bargain at £3.99 as well!
I chose the vanilla perfume because I wanted something which I could wear during the day and wasn't so overpowering, I also love everything vanilla! Again, the scent lasts for ages. Definitely recommend it!
Big thank you to Cherry for letting me know about the voucher in her blog.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last entry! I've now got 50 followers, only another 10 to go until I do my giveaway. I have a good one planned!
I'm starting to get the hang of this twitter thing now, so feel free to follow me on there as @xhjw


  1. I love that dress, I had one similar. You could always sell it on eBay? I made a profit on mine when I sold it!

  2. Ahaha, clearly our boyfriends are on the same wavelength since mine took me shopping for a last minute present yesterday too :) I came away with some Lush products, so I was very happy!

    Love your purchases :)

  3. always good to have your boyfriend buy you things:p hehe.. just kidding. I got flowers from the lover;) I love these cheesy kind of holidays!

  4. I have soo much body butter to use up, it's ridiculous, I went through a phase of collecting it! God, I'm strange.
    Congrats on 50 :)

  5. Your v-day dinner sounds yummy, and better late than never with the presents, eh? :)
    I have the body shop neroli jasmine perfume - it does last so well, but I've only got a little bit left and I love the smell of vanilla too so maybe next time!
    Baking and Brogues

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    I love that dress! Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day!


  7. I love the dress (I really need some similar!) And that sounds like great Valentine´s Day! :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  8. i'm also tempted by bath stuff, body shop is amazing!

  9. oh wonderful blog dear ... love it <3
    you're very pretty :)

  10. That dress is lovely <3
    I love body shop stuff!x

  11. Such a pretty dress, thankyou for the comment :) xx



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