Thursday, 10 February 2011

Long sleeved tshirt: Primark
Shorts: New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Tights: Primark

Another outfit post! Sorry about the photo quality, these were taken on my webcam, in my kitchen (which I spent 2.5 hours cleaning on Monday!) as I didn't have anyone to take photos for me. I wore this to go to Southampton, where I did some mystery shopping, had lunch in Pizza Hut and attended the New Look Student Night. There was 25% off in New Look between 5 and 8, the first 100 people to make a purchase got a goody bag and there was a free bottle of Woodpecker cider for everyone. I bought two peter pan collar tunic dresses (one, two - in black) which came to just over £20. Bargain!I was going to return the coral one but I tried it on when I got back and I love it. I also got a goody bag but I wasn't too impressed.. there was a pair of men's boxers, a small bottle of Lynx shower gel and two little packets of Haribo sweets. At least the boxers are my boyfriend's size, even if he doesn't like them! I can't really complain about free stuff!

Today, I have 3 mystery shopping jobs to do in town which will take me about half an hour all together so I'll go and do that after my lecture at 2. It's easy money, I made £22 yesterday for about 4 mins work (it took me 20 mins to type it up afterwards) and I'll be making about £34 today! All of that will be going towards my holiday to the Isle of Wight in April.

I'm sure I'll be doing another outfit post very soon - I'm going to a  Valentine's masquerade ball tomorrow for my housemate's birthday. I've never been to one  before so I'm quite looking forward to it!


  1. Love the shorts!
    I wanted to go to the New Look student night - trouble was they weren't doing one near me :\

  2. Love the shorts. Your mystery shopping job sounds great! x

  3. wow i love the detailing on those shorts !

  4. love love love your shorts & cardigan!


  5. The cardie looks great and interesting jobs you mentioned! Sounds fun

    Katie. x

  6. absolutely love them shorts! they go so cute with the stripey top! i tried getting into mystery shopping but never really got anywhere with it, which is such a shame because it sounds so fun! xx

  7. you seem really busy! :) love the button detail of your shorts!


  8. Such a cute outfit, I love it :) Hope you had a good time at your Valentines ball, I wish I was going to one xx

  9. This is lovely :) I adore those shorts, I keep meaning to buy a pair like them!


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