Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's been over a week, oops! I've been so busy with uni work. I have two assignments to be in tomorrow (which still aren't completely finished) and one to be in next Friday which I haven't even started writing up (I've just been making maps which takes FOREVER) so once the other  two are handed in tomorrow I can make a start on the last one.

I got my loan on Monday so as well as paying rent/bills I've also bought a couple of bits and pieces which I'll will talk about/show you in a later post once all of this work is out of the way! There's so many things I want in New Look and Cath Kidston have just bought out their Spring Collection.
Here's a few of the things I want:

English Rose Tiny Umbrella. £20 Cath Kidston

Lace Rose Enamel Keyring, £6 Cath Kidston

Sheer Pocket Chiffon Shirt, £21.99 New Look
Bird Print Oversized Shirt, £24.99 New Look

Spotty Peter Pan Tee, £14.99 New Look


  1. Ooooh I always want the peachy sheer shirt from new look however they never seem to be in stock in my local! gutted!

    Katie. x

  2. love the tops!! I have a similar umbrella, I adore Cath =)

    Hannah xx

  3. Just found your blog and really like it! :-) I saw that spotty top in store the other day, along with the dress version, couldnt decide which to get!




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