Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I never usually make any new year's resolutions and if I do I either end up not sticking to them or completely forgetting about them. This year I'm going to make some and hopefully stick with them. They're not going to be completely unattainable goals because I know I'm lazy and won't try. It's taken me a while to come up with this list, so here it is:

Get rid of my debts
- I want to try to get rid of some of the horrible debt I've got. I want to at least pay off my credit card in the first few months. I was supposed to just buy an iPod and stop at that but I seem to have used it to buy the odd (edible) treat here and there.. it all adds up! I'd also like to pay off some of my overdraft but I'm not sure if that's going to work. I can at least try though. I got one of those tin money boxes for Christmas so I can save money in there and I won't be able to touch it unless I take a tin opener to it!

Walk more
- I'm so lazy and take the bus everywhere. The odd £1.60 here and there seems like nothing but if I want to pay off some debts I need to stop jumping on the bus at every opportunity and start walking into town. It's not that far away at all.. about half an hour and it's all downhill. I really have no excuse. It would be a good idea if I put £1 or so in my tin every time I walk into town..two resolutions in one!

Learn a craft
- I either want to learn to crochet or knit. I'd love to be able to make myself a blanket or a scarf. I'll need to get myself some knitting needles/crochet hooks and some wool/yarn and then sit down in front of some youtube tutorials or Ravelry. It can't be that hard really, can it?

Visit another country
- I haven't left England since 2007 when I went on a French Exchange. I'd like to go away somewhere for a weekend or minibreak. Top of my list is Amsterdam and Paris (I have already been twice though) but I would love to go anywhere I'd never been before. I could go somewhere nice for less than £200, I just need to start saving! Maybe I could save up and go somewhere just before I start my third year of uni. That would be a nice end to the summer.

Explore England a bit more
- I'd like a couple of days out in England too. I'd like to visit some cities/towns I've never been to before. I do a lot of travelling but it's usually between Winchester and Birmingham so I just pass  through places. Places I'd like to go to include: Bath, Portsmouth, Oxford, Isle of Wight, Brighton.

Make more of an effort with my appearance
- I always tend to look a bit scruffy nowadays. I'm stuck in a rut with my hair and my clothes and I don't know what to do with them. Luckily, I have a hair appointment towards the end of January so I can get something done to my hair and then maybe I'll feel more inclined to actually style it instead of sticking it in a ponytail everyday. I have a lot of clothes I don't wear and I'm going to try to branch out a bit more instead of just wearing leggings/denim shorts and tights/long tshirts/hoodies. I'm 21, I should be dressing smarter/looking more my age!

Learn to use my camera
-I've had my Canon EOS 450D for 2 years now but I just treat it as a point and shoot - I don't really know what to do with it. I'm also a bit too scared to take it out a lot of the time. So I'm going to start using it more, especially as I've got lucozade all over the lens of my point and shoot. I can't rely on my Blackberry camera all the time, it's rubbish!

Well, that's the list. I guess I'll come back to it halfway through the year and then again at the end and see if I've stuck to any of it. Like I said, none of them are completely unrealistic so I shouldn't really have a problem. Fingers crossed!


  1. hi there :) just stumbled upon your blog, and you should definately learn a craft! if you have the spare time then knitting is great, and can be cheap if you scour the charity shops for needles and wool. every charity shop has knitting needles in! ive been living in bath for a year and a half, you should visit, its quite lovely!
    happy new year! x


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