Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Travel: A day in Manchester

Last Saturday I gave up my lie in to catch an early train into Manchester. I didn't realise just how close it is, it only took 57 minutes from Stafford! I was heading up for the AXParis press day but thought I'd get there early to have a look around the Manchester Museum and to explore the city a bit.

I was quite pleased with how I managed to find my way around considering this was the first time I'd properly visited the city. I managed to get to the museum and then back into the city centre using buses. Manchester has this thing called a 'Magic Bus' which costs £1 - why don't we have these in the Midlands? After the museum I went over to Primark to get my nails done - there will be a post all about this soon - and then I somehow managed to spend an hour in there, although I only spent £24.

Before the press day I met up with the lovely Heather and we managed to find our way to the Black Dog ballrooms after going to the wrong one first - I also got to ride a tram for the first time which was pretty exciting. I'm easily pleased. The press day wasn't the greatest one I've ever been to, it was in a small venue and was very crowded so my photos aren't very good. We did get a fab good bag though!

After the press day, I headed over to the Arndale Centre and hit up the Essence stand. A lot of things were 50% off which is amazing considering it's all so cheap already. I left with a couple of blushers, a gel polish and a primer for gel polish all for £6! I did a bit more shopping before a spit stop at Starbucks for my second PSL of the day and then I met up with the lovely Rach and Bob for dinner at TGIs. It amazes me how easy I find it to meet bloggers and get along with them straight away, I felt like I'd met Rach hundreds of times before!

I was so impressed with Manchester and I'm hoping to go back next month for some Christmas shopping. I'd love to visit the Christmas market too.


  1. the photos are lovely! Manchester is a great city :)

  2. I grew up near Manchester and it's such a great city - I can totally understand how you spend so long in Primark too, it's difficult not to get lost in that place!!
    Love lucinda @ xx

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I look forward to reading about your nails post.

  4. I love Manchester, definitely one place I'd move to without hesitation!


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