Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ebay Wishlist: The Handbag Edition #2

Mulberry style tan bag - Red satchel - Black and white tote - Floral backpack - Tan leather style backpack
My eBay watch list is just full of bags at the moment. I've recently got myself a new job and I feel like I need a new bag to go with it, so I've been spending the past couple of weeks searching for the perfect one. I want something that will go with all outfits and will fit an A4 folder in but still be stylish and practical. At the moment I'm torn between the first bag in the image above which is a rip off of a Mulberry Bayswater or I might just go and get myself a fake Celine smile bag. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford the real thing. 

Which bag would you go for?


  1. I love the Mulberry lookalike bags! I doubt I'm ever going to be able to afford the real one... x

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  2. I love the red satchel, looks like the perfect bag for autumn, the colour is gorgeous :) xo

  3. Oh I love bags! I have loads but always seem to need more lol! Love the top two x

  4. I love the first two, both gorgeous and practical.

  5. Love both tan one, they are totally different but I just can't make my mind between those two.

  6. Loving all those bags - they're so pretty. I need to buy a new bag for autumn.



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