Thursday, 26 June 2014

Guest post: Top tips on making your office more fun

Working in a bland office environment can often leave you feeling downtrodden and unmotivated, particularly when you are spending a large chunk of your day sat behind the same desk. Making quirky alterations to your working environment will not only help to lift your spirits, but can help fuel creative ideas, increase productivity and give your motivation a little boost. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, injecting some fun into your day can effectively change your mindset  to help you feel comfortable, positive and inspired.

Creative furniture
Instead of drab desks and plain chairs, why not opt for stylish, funky designs, such as those offered by Calibre Furniture. Modern, innovative furniture, such as glass tables and playful patterned chairs can instill a sense of excitement and help nourish a creative atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to encourage collaboration across a workforce or convert your home desk into your own unique sanctuary, with a little out of the box thinking, your can effectively transform a humdrum office workspace into an uplifting hub of creativity.

A home-from-home
Customising your desk with personal items and trinkets can provide a welcome distraction and help contain your stress levels when the daily grind gets you down. Pictures of family, recent holidays, personalised mugs and inspirational quotes can all act as effective mood boosters that will enable you to have mini escapes throughout the day. Infusing personality into your workspace can instill a sense of intimacy and make you feel less like you are at work, and more like home. 

Decorative items
Colour can naturally enhance your mood, and filling your desk or cubicle walls with colourful artwork, or even a vibrant desktop background will help you remain in good spirits throughout the day. Bringing nature indoors with plants and flowers can have calming effects whilst adding a splash of colour to a dull desk. Scattering your desk with decorative mood-boosters can help you bounce back from stressful work demands and help keep you relaxed. 

Keeping it fresh
By constantly changing your equipment, gadgets and stationery, you will be able to maintain interest and stop yourself from feeling uninspired. Having a box of snacks and treats that you change every couple of weeks is a fun way to break up the day and reward yourself after completing a particularly demanding task. Constantly changing your desktop accessories can help you avoid feeling despondent with your working area and enhance your motivation.  

Funky accessories

To enjoy yourself at work and feel happy, it is important to balance work with recreation. Small interactive objects, such as a rubix cubes, puzzles or even a stress ball can provide you with little diversions throughout the day to help keep the boredom at bay. As long as your games don’t distract you too much from your tasks, making quirky adjustments to your desk with funky stationery and novelty desk tidies can brighten up dull, drab workstations and make your day that little bit more cheerful.


  1. Great tips and ideas! I have no space at home for an office but can use some of these tips at work when I got back after maternity leave!

  2. That's actually really nifty share. :)
    I currently blog from home and I must say, some times it can be very uninspiring. :) I love the advice or perking my blogger space up :)


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