Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Things I'm looking forward to

Recently, I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps and when that happens,  I've found that the best thing to do is remember all the things you've got to look forward to. I've got so many things planned already this year but here's just three of them.

Since the sun has been making an appearance over the past few days, it's made me realise how much I'm looking forward to sunny days sitting out on the garden furniture with a glass of ice cold pimms and reading a book or having a catch up with some good friends.

I'm off to the Isle of Wight for a little holiday in July and I can't wait. The Isle of Wight is my happy place and I've been so many times before. Hopefully the weather will be on my side as it will officially be summer when I go.

Next week, I'm meeting one of my best blogging pals, Amy in Edinburgh. I went for the first time last year but didn't get a chance to have a proper look around and it was also pissing it down. This time however, we're going to do proper touristy things and I'm sure I'll have loads of photos to share with you when I'm done!


  1. Beautiful pics dear....:-)

  2. I'm from just outside Edinburgh, I hope you have a lovely time there!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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