Monday, 10 March 2014

Outfit: Colours of Spring

Disco pants - American Apparel, available here
Striped tshirt - H&M
Scarf - Primark
Coat* - LaRedoute, available here
Shoes - Topshop, available here
Bag - Primark
Hat - H&M, available here

It's taken me over a week to put this outfit post up but this is what I wore to a meeting in Birmingham, a spot of shopping with Chloe and then to stuff my face at Ming Moon, our favourite place to eat.

I finally took the plunge and bought some American Apparel disco pants while I was in London for Fashion Week. I received a 20% off voucher while I was in the queue for a Fashion Scout show so they only cost £60 instead of the usual £74. I've been trying to get my money's worth because I feel so guilty about buying them, so you'll probably see them a lot on my blog. I've already worn them 4 times over the past week! I'm really glad that I finally bought them though, the quality is a lot better than the dupes that I've bought and they're so comfy.

I've been wearing this coat a lot more recently now it's officially supposed to be spring. Hopefully, I won't be needed a coat for much longer but while I've got to wear one, it might as well be a pretty spring colour! This is my go to look recently, monochrome with a pop of colour from either my coat or a bag.


  1. Your coat is gorgeous! Absolutely love this outfit x

    Jodie Marie
    à la

  2. Love your outfit and the colour of the coat! Adds a lovely bit of colour :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Love the colour of your coat! I always wanted some American Apparel disco pants but I settled for dupes instead! xx

  4. You look gorgeous! Love the coat :)


  5. Love your coat, such a stunning colour! x

  6. Have said it before and I'll say it again - LOVE the colour of that coat!

  7. I love the colour of the coat, it's definitely perfect for spring

  8. they do look like a great pair of legging i live in leggings and jeans and am forever looking for decent ones :D

  9. That coat colour really suits you, lovely outfit! x


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