Friday, 14 February 2014

Outfit: LFW Day One

Jumper: H&M
Skirt: New Look
Shirt: New Look
Coat: New Look, available here
Hat: H&M, available here
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Dr Martens, available here

Today was Day One of London Fashion Week and I'm down here in the capotal city until Sunday to attend a few shows, soak up the atmosphere and eat a lot of good food. We arrived yesterday afternoon and are staying in a gorgeous apartment in Stratford, just a stones throw away from Westfield, it's great!

Today I attended three shows; Fyodor Goylan, Ones To Watch and Ong Oaj Pairam. They were all brilliant but Ong Oaj Pairam was definitely my favourite. We also got a ride in a rickshaw to the Fyodor Goylan show. After the shows we went back to Stratford for a Nandos for our first meal of the day - we've been so busy we didn't have a chance to eat! Now me and Chloe are sat in bed in our apartment blogging.

I decided to wear quite a casual monochrome outfit today. It wasn't quite warm enough and I forgot my umbrella so I got a bit wet. I picked up the jumper from H&M in Westfield yesterday and I love it, it was such a bargain (especially with cheeky staff discount) and I'll be wearing this a lot. The shoes were actually off eBay and cost just £34 for brand new Dr Martens! I can't believe my luck. I think they will go with a lot of outfits and they're so comfortable too.

Now I need to get on with editing the rest of the photos from today (I took over 700) and there should be a post up in the morning.


  1. Looking gorgeous as always! In love with that necklace x

  2. I really like the outfit. Can't wait to see all the pictures! Wish I was going.
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  3. I like the top, not loving the shoes to be honest. (sorry)

  4. I want those shoes!! They are fantastic!! As always you look fabulous and I am looking forward to all of your stories from LFW!!

  5. I love this outfit! Those shoes are amazing!
    Becca x

  6. Looking beautiful as always, I love your jumper and necklace. Those shoes are amazing, got to love a pair of Doc Martins, they will last a lifetime!!

    Georgie xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit dear...yo look stunning...:-)

  8. I am loving those shoes. I used to have a patent pair just like and there's rarely a week goes by I don't regret not having them anymore.


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