Friday, 7 February 2014

Beauty: Getting those coveted pearly whites

Nothing goes better with a stunning OOTD than a pretty smile. It's a bit cringe-worthy to say, but it's most definitely true – a happy face can brighten up an entire look. In this age of the selfie pout, a proper, authentic smile is a rare treat, and something that should be shown-off more.

It might be a lovely thought, to have all of us smiling-wide in our next Instagrammed selfie, but so many of us are worried about the appearance of our teeth that it's an unlikely thing to happen. They could sit perfectly in our mouths, and yet in the age of Hollywood stars and their blinding pearly whites, it's all about the shade and tones of our teeth.

However – have you ever thought about the fact that certain lipsticks could help brighten your smile? It's all about the colour pigments that can make your teeth look whiter naturally.

For instance, if you find that your natural smile has a slightly yellowed tinge to it (this always sounds much worse than it actually is!) try a lipstick with blue undertones. No – not suggesting blue lipstick – but lippies with a subtle base of blue to them, like cherry and dark cherry options, can counteract any yellowing on the teeth, making them look brighter.

A common affliction with teeth is a slight greying of the enamel. Here, lovely shiny, nude glosses are the way forward, with the idea that the shine of the lips will help the teeth reflect light, making them look really bright.

That being said, the notion of having a beautifully white smile without having to always be sure of the lippy is an attractive thought, too. If you've got the budget for it, why not consider heading to the dentists to seek professional advice? Oasis Dental Care have practises all over the country, and offer great cosmetic services.

Let me know if any of these suggestions work for you and your beautiful smile – along with some hints and tips for good lippies and glosses too!


  1. I've noticed that different lipsticks make my teeth look brighter, but I've never really given it much thought! This is definitely something to consider in the future! :)

    Jane x

  2. I recently tried out a home kit and I was surprisingly happy with the results! :) But you're totally right, the shade of your lipstick can make such a huge difference but I love my bright reds and coral lipsticks far too much to ever swap them out ! :)


  3. Oh that is a very clever post, I will certainly keep it in mind. My friend works for Oasis and I have been certainly admiring her teeth. It is on the list, when I have some spare cash to blow :-)

  4. I hate my teeth and have contemplated having a brace or invisaligns, so try everything I can to avoid drawing attention to them!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  5. Haviñg my teeth whitened is something I think about daily but the risk of increased sensitivity puts me off because my teeth are already too sensitive x

  6. I've noticed that different lipsticks make my teeth look brighter. I'd definitely like to get them whitened sometime though

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog


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