Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Outfit: Waiting All Night

Polkadot shirt - New Look, available here
Skort - Primark, similar here
Gold chain - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Tesco
Watch - Shadestation

This is what I wore last night to the Wireless Festival launch party in Birmingham. It was a bit of a last minute affair as I only got invited the night before and I was working all day beforehand, so I just swapped my skirt for this (indecently short) skort before jumping on the train.

I wear this shirt all the time, only switching it up with my heart print one. It's perfect for work as it's black but it's also not completely dull as black shirts usually are. I paired it with the skort which was an absolyte steal for just £10 from Primark. I was so pleased to spot it as I'd been after the Zara equivalent for ages. I picked up the necklace from Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden for £5 at the beginning of this month and it's barely left my neck since. 

There will be a post up soon about the event but I had a great time with Chloe and Elizabeth and we got to see the gorgeous Ella Eyre perform live. 


  1. I love the shirt, it's gorgeous. Looks fab with the skort too. I love shirts, but always struggle to pair them up with something on my bottom half!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. Love the skort! One of those pieces you can literally wear with anything. Good to hear you enjoyed the launch party!

    x Michelle |

  3. Love your outfit especially the shirt!

  4. i absolutely love this look , usually i dont like many of these post becasue they wear things i wouldnt normally like but you have it hit the nail on the head, perfect x

  5. That is daringly short! I think I am getting to an age where I almost worry if you would be cold.

    Great look!

  6. Love the shirt, the shorts are flattering on you but would never wear them .I guess they are perfect for youngsters like you.

  7. lovely outfit, i have this skort and it really is ridiculously short but still cute! x


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