Friday, 15 November 2013

Event: Urban Outfitters Nottingham Store Launch

Yesterday, I was invited over to the new Urban Outfitters store in Nottingham for their press launch. I went along with fellow bloggers Chloe and Elizabeth. We got a preview of the store before it was opened to the public (there were loads of people standing outside peering through the windows and trying to get in!) and a chance to take photos and learn more about the products that they sell. We were also treated to food and drinks and were given the chance to choose any own brand item from the store for free. We spent a good two hours wandering round the store, taking photos, messing around in the photobooth and trying to decide what items we each wanted. All three of us ended up with jackets/coats in the end!

Here's the jacket I chose, it's the 'BDG Hunting Jacket' and retails at £125. I loved the oversized fit and tartan lining. I've also included a sneaky mirror shot of what I wore to the launch. I've featured all of the items on my blog before apart from the Dr. Martens 'Sophia' shoes and the purple satchel is from my  beloved eBay which I totally copied off Amy.


  1. Love those cat hangers. Not surprised you were spoilt for choice - there are loads of lovely things.

  2. ive never been to nottingham but i would have thought they would have an urban outfitters store. urban outfitters always have some great stuff!


  3. Looks awesome! Love that jacket!

  4. this is my fav store, so your living my dream here lol. jacket is lovely x

  5. always have the problem with UO that I want everything but can afford nothing! haha, cute coat that you chose though. amazing shops to browse in.


  6. Love your jacket. And the printed V-neck Tees! I want those! ;)

  7. Wow! I will have to go check out this store next time I'm in Notts :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper


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