Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to Plan Ladies' Poker Night

For my latest post, I wanted to provide a series of tips on how to get into an activity that's been on my mind lately: a ladies' poker night. Part of the reason for that is I've been around plenty of friends who have mentioned either an interest in playing or how much they enjoyed playing hand after hand after ... well, you get the point. Not only that, but it's a hobby that's a little different and, as a result, a fun challenge to take on. I've done some research and even started playing here and there to get acquainted with the most popular version of poker, Texas Hold'Em. It's all been part of simply trying to learn something new and, in this case, sharing it with you all and my friends. Let's get started.

Get Some Practice In Beforehand

If you're a seasoned poker player, you can likely just skip over this step. But if you're starting out or only played a few games, it'd be wise to get some practice hands in before your friends arrive. One way you can do this is by heading to Betfair's poker page, setting up an account, and spending a few hours getting used to the rules. Texas Hold'Em is probably the version you'll be going with, so I recommend getting your hands in there.

And just in case you don't know the rules of Texas Hold'Em, you can always head over to this website and study and/or print the rules so you and your friends know what's going on.

Stock Up On Snacks, Beers and The Necessities

This is crucial because you'll probably be playing for a good while. I recommend simply picking up whatever drinks and snacks you tend to enjoy. You could even sweeten the deal (for yourself) by asking your friends to bring some of their own so that everyone has what they want. Also, pretzels. Plenty of pretzels, and nuts, too. Basically anything you'd expect to enjoy at a pub to complement your pint or cocktail.

As for the necessities, you might already have some of them. Everyone has playing cards, right? No? Well, you'll need some, so get those while you're out getting those poker chips you require, too. If you don't feel like playing with chips, then what's the point? You don't have to throw down cash, just let the chips do the talkin'. Also, some people might suggest getting a proper poker table/layout, but that's not necessary.

Set the Tone for the Night With Some Tunes

Like the snacks suggestion, you should keep this one in line with what you'd expect to hear at one of your more laid-back night-time spots. Nothing too heavily upbeat or forceful, but nothing too sleepy either. Perhaps good ol' pub music that's neither distracting nor boring. Don't play it too loud, either, unless you want to have everyone shouting "What?!" over the music when the dealer asks each player what her move is.

Also similar to the snacks, you could ask your friends to bring over their favorite mellow albums so that it's not ALL up to you. If you want to be in charge, though, don't worry. Just don't play Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" all night and you'll be fine.

With these three easy tips in mind, you should be well on your way to setting up the perfect poker night for you and your friends. If you feel overwhelmed by all the rules associated with the game, don't be. Texas Hold'Em is one of those games that gets more fun and intuitive with the more you play it. So if you all aren't up on it, simply take it as it comes and remember to enjoy yourself.

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  1. I'm awesome at poker, I never win when it's for actual money though.


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