Saturday, 19 October 2013

Collection Gothic Glam Lipsticks

Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in Scorned - £2.99, available here
Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in Revenge - £2.99, available here

This collection is one that hasn't been talked about a lot on blogs. I discovered it while I was in Superdrug in the Bullring, just casually browsing the makeup stands for a purple lipstick - I wasn't expecting to actually find one! I was so surprised when I stymbled upon 'Scorned' a beautfully dark, almost black purple. It's fantastic for this time of the year and I don't have another lipstick like it in my collection.

I wasn't expecting much from a £2.99 lipstick but it's amazingly creamy and not at all drying like some of my other darker lipsticks from other brands (I'm looking at you, Illamasqua!) and is easy to apply. It lasts a good couple of hours before it starts to wear off and it leaves behind quite a purple stain which is hard to get off.

I was so impressed with Scorned that I went back to Superdrug on my lunch break and picked up 'Revenge' which is a dark berry pink. It almost reminds me of MAC's Rebel but I think it has a lot more of a red tint than Rebel does. Again, this is so creamy and easy to apply. I find that it lasts a bit longer than Scorned does on the lips.

I'm really pleased to have found such gorgeous dark lipsticks for an affordable price on the high street. I'm really tempted to go and pick up the third shade in the collection, Seduction which is a dark blood red.

What do you think of these lipsticks? Are you daring enough to try them?


  1. These are gorgeous! I've never really thought of going that dark, but I'm thinking that maybe I should try out Revenge.

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  2. These look like beautiful colours for A/W! :)

  3. I love the darker purple shade!

  4. OMG these are amazing i need these!!! i love the purple x

  5. Love the shades you chose! I got 2 topshop lipsticks 2 days ago on similar tones as yours and I LOVE them! Especially the purple-ish one! x

    My Blog:

  6. Revenge looks gorgeous, I love berry toned lip sticks!!

    Kimberley x

  7. I've been looking for purple/red lipsticks, I'll definitely be checking this out!

  8. 'Revenge' is a stunning colour, they are so affordable too! Great find :) x

  9. Love these lipsticks! Unfortunately we don't have that brand here in Canada, I've been searching for a purple lipstick recently as well but haven't found anything good. :(
    Definitely a great price as well!

  10. Theyre amazing shades think ill invest in these when i go the bullring next week :D xx


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