Saturday, 2 February 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

I thought I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon and post a few facts about myself. I was going to do 50, but I struggled to even get to 20! I hope you enjoy learning something new about me!

1. I'm 23 but look about 16 - I'm sure I'll be thankful for that one day.

2. I have a degree in Archaeology.

3. My favourite place to go on holiday is the Isle of Wight -  more specifically, Shanklin.

4. I have a cat called Patch and two gerbils called Hercules and Gervinho.

5. I work in an outdoors shop despite never going walking or camping. I also volunteer in two museums which is putting my degree to some use. One day, I'd love to work in a museum full time.

6. My favourite acoholic drink is a mojito.

7. My favourite non-alcoholic drink is coffee in any form. I don't feel right until I've had my morning coffee.

8. I have thirteen piercings but no tattoos.

9. I always wear a gold locket which my great nan bought me for my 18th birthday. I always have my silver ankh ring on too, I feel naked without these two pieces.

10. I have a scar on my head which is hidden by my hair from when I fell through a glass door aged 2 and had to have stitches. I was singing and dancing along to the Vitalite advert.

11. I never ever watch tv, I only ever watch things on iplayer or 4od and even then it's usually only Eastenders!

12. I spend way too much money on gigs. This year I'm seeing Muse for the 8th time, Bon Jovi for the 3rd time and Lana Del Rey.

13. I can't watch a film at home without falling asleep, even if it's one I love.

14. I love anything that's vanilla scented. I love the Body Shop's Vanilla perfume and I almost always have a vanilla scented Yankee tart on the go.

15. I've been making websites in various forms since I was 11. My first one was dedicated to Ty beanie babies and I also had a Harry Potter one at around the same time. I got a massive book about HTML out of the library when I was 12.

16. I love baking but I don't really like cakes or anything that I bake. Everyone else seems to love them though!

17. I'm really good with numbers - meaning I'm good at maths and also remembering useless numbers/dates/product codes.

18. I've couldn't live without my kindle. I spend a lot of time commuting to and from work and I love having access to so many books all at once. I'm such a bookworm and I've read more books in the past six months than I did in the whole three years I was at uni.

19. I always dye and cut my hair myself. Last time I went to a (very expensive, well praised) salon in London, I had a terrible experience.

20. I have hypermobility and all my fingers and one of my thumbs are double jointed, as well as as lot of my other joints. I thought that this was normal until recently when a doctor told me it wasn't. I thought everyone could do gross things (like this) with their hands.


  1. I'm the same as you with the kindle - I got one in December and have read about 30 books since - I've become obsessed! x

  2. Was great getting to know more about you! You really look so much younger than 23 and patch is so cute haha, I'm the same with baking!


  3. I enjoyed this post! It was nice getting to know you (well random facts about you) before we get to meet in April :) You look gorgeous in all your photos and I love your hair.

    Haha, I always wondered where you worked! I've seen Muse & Bon Jovi too.. but only once each. My parents are seeing Bon Jovi for the 5th or 6th time in June.

    Amy x

  4. love the post and you look super pretty :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ah I love this tag! I totally agree about the Kindle - I don't know how I coped before it now! xxx

  7. I hardly ever watch tv unless it's online too! That hand thing mega creeped me out x

  8. Great post. I also spend far too much money on gigs, although I'm not as bad as I used to be. I think that's where most of my student overdraft went... xx

  9. I might have to do one of these soon :) I always end up falling asleep when we watch films too. So annoying!! I also fall asleep reading if I'm laying down grr!xx


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