Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ebay wishlist #13

Another week, another cat jumper. I've had a really awful week so I've been doing a bit of online window shopping to cheer me up a bit. I may have already purchased the polkadot case as I managed to destroy both my iPhone and the case a couple of days ago and my replacement is looking a bit naked and I don't want to risk breaking this one!

To take my mind off all the horrible things that have been happening recently, I'm going to focus on my blogging a lot more and I have the April Birmingham Blogger Meet Up to plan with Chloe and Sara.. more on that tomorrow!


  1. Oh I love the Smiley bag; so so cute :)

  2. love that galaxy phone case and so reasonable at £2.95! x

  3. Okay love the iphone galaxy case anddd the bag! :) omg bookmarking the ebay pages for when the spending ban is over! :)

  4. Man, I love that satchel. Oh dear, just checked the eBay listing and now I want one in every colour.x

  5. Currently obsessed with the galaxy/galactic prints lately, would love a blazer covered in the print. A phone cover will suffice for now ;) xo

  6. Cannot wait for the meet up :) I LOVE the satchel bag, it's another one for my watch list. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy x

  7. Love the Red Satchel, very cute.

    Sadie x


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