Monday, 28 January 2013

Easter Birmingham Blogger Meet Up

After the success of the last two meets we've had in Birmingham, we've decided to make it a regular occurrence. The next one is being organised by me, Chloe and Sara and will be held at Easter time.

What? Meet up with like minded bloggers, get to know each other over coffee, a couple of surprises and then a meal at the end of the day. More will be confirmed towards the time.

When? April 20th, 1pm.

Where? Birmingham City Centre. We'll be meeting in Starbucks in the Pallasades.

Who? All bloggers are welcome!

I've asked about on Twitter and have started to make a list of those who are interested. So if you haven't already registered an interest, just comment here with your twitter handle and I can keep you updated.


  1. Definitely up for this, the last one was fab so please put me down :) x

  2. Gosh would love to do this - never been to one before so I'd love to see what it's like! Please put me down too :D x

  3. I'm interested! Should be finished with uni completely then :)

  4. I've already tweeted to say yes I'm coming but just in case, I'll say yes here too lol x x

  5. I'm hopefully coming, if I book tickets this week & find a cheap hotel!

    Amy x

  6. I'm very tempted by this but it's my birthday so will have to check spencer hasn't made any plans! Keep me updated though, I may even stay the night if others are. My twitter is xXxStundonxXx

  7. This sounds fab and I was so sad to miss the Christmas one, would love to come :) @iflorrie

    Florrie x


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