Friday, 16 November 2012

Guest Post: Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint by Katy

This post has been written by the lovely Katy from Sirens and Bells, if you want to write a guest post for my blog then get in touch!


When I saw Barry M's new 'Gelly Hi Shine' advertised, I was intrigued, but not completely desperate to go out and buy them. I've got almost every Barry M polish, and these didn't seem that different in colour to any that I owned. However, as more and more people begun to buy them I kept hearing extremely good reviews, so I decide to indulge my intrigue and buy their purple colour - 'Plum'. Purple is my favourite colour so it seemed natural to go for it.
'Plum' becomes completely opaque in two coats - I reckon one thick coat would probably do just fine, and is very glossy even without a top coat - staying true to it's claims of being a 'hi-shine' polish. It's a gorgeous true purple colour; Barry M do a few dark purples, but this is one of the darkest and is less metallic. I didn't put a top coat on, so it only lasted around 2 days without chipping, however, I do a lot of washing up and I wash my hands loads, so my nail polish always chips quicker than most people's anyway! This colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter, and definitely one I shall be reaching for!

Have you tried this colour, or any from the 'hi-shine' range? What did you think? Sirens and Bells x


  1. oooh wasn't too bothered about these but they do sound good, might have to try a classic red for Christmas x

  2. Lovely colour, great guest post :) x

  3. Such a beautiful colour :)


  4. I have the watermelon one and they are really lovely, not sure about it being about £1 more expensive than the usual ones but they are nice colours :') xx


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